Frequently Asked Questions

How does Twograins work?

This service works with your existing landline. The service allows you to send and receive text messages using that number, right from your mobile device or Web on Desktop. The landline will work just like a mobile number for sending and receiving SMS.

You can also allocate a new phone number from the service just for text message.

Do I need to notify my current phone provider about Twograins?

No. Twograins is a completely independent service from your landline carrier and it will not affect your landline voice service. Please note that Twograins service has a separate monthly charge not included in your telephone bill.

Does my phone system need any new hardware? Is there anything to install?

No, there is no hardware installation required. All texting will be done through the mobile app or web on Desktop.

How do I verify ownership of my phone number?

Twograins is required to verify every landline phone number to ensure proper ownership and protect the text message medium from abuse. The verification is done in the app. During the setup process, an automated call will be placed to your phone and you are required to pick up the phone to write down 6 digits from the voice message. You are then required to type this 6 digits in the app for the service to verify ownership. After the verification, you’ll be ready to start texting in a few minutes.

If you allocate a new phone number, the app will allow you to search and select your preferred number. You can use the phone to send and receive text message using the selected number right away.

How long is your contract?

We offer monthly subscription. Your plan begins on the day you install the app and sign up your account. We make it easy to start and stop your service at any time.

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